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Nintendo Wii

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Reserving the Equipment

  1. Libraries are allowed to reserve the equipment for one week (which includes delivery to and from NFLS). 
  2. To reserve any equipment, check the “gaming calendar” and complete the online form.  You will receive verification from NFLS if the request was accepted or not.
  3. The borrowing library will receive the lock combinations for the equipment case via email.

Receiving and Returning the Equipment

  1. Tutorials are posted online on putting the equipment together.
  2. Once the borrowing library receives the equipment via delivery, they must fax or mail the signed gaming receipt back to NFLS.
  3. Borrowing libraries are responsible for:  providing batteries (if needed), replacing any lost or damaged parts and packing the equipment correctly in the case.
  4. Once the borrowing library returns the equipment, NFLS will verify that all parts have been returned.

NFLS Gaming Equipment Policies

NFLS Gaming Equipment should not be circulated to the public.  It is intended for library use only.

Checking out Gaming Equipment

  1. Check the Calendar for Availability.
  2. Submit a request using the online form.
  3. Your request will be reviewed and either confirmed or denied over the phone or email by Jamie.
  4. Click Here to access Game Calendar

    Click Here to access Game System Request Form