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NFLS Ellison Die Online Order Form

LIBRARY STAFF USE ONLY All Red Highlighted areas must be completed
The intent of the Ellison Die Cut Machine is for use in your library, by your staff. It may be used by another adult (i.e.. volunteer, teacher, Scout leader) in the library. For safety's sake, it is not to be used by any child, except under close adult supervision. Any injury occurring to a person from using the machine is the responsibility of the borrowing library. Should the machine and dies be taken outside your library (other than for System van transit), your library is liable for any damage to the machine, the dies or the cases, or injury to the user.

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A Maximum of 4 sets can be circulated to a library at any one time.
Aquatics Set Athlete's Set Autumn Be Creative Set
Crab Baseball Batter Apple Easel
Fish Cheerleader Birch Leaf Filmstrip
Frog Child Running #1 Cat Maraca
Frog - Leaping Diver Ghost Mask - Comedy
Octopus Football Player Indian Musical Notes
Seal Girl - Soccer Player Maple Leaf Paintbrush/Palette
Seahorse Gymnast Oak Leaf Piano
Sea Otter Hockey Player Owl Saxophone
Starfish Karate Person Pilgrim Man Violin
Turtle Runner Pilgrim Woman  
Whale Skateboarder Pumpkin  
  Swimmer Scarecrow  

Bookmarks Set Buildings/Monuments Set Camping Set Christmas Set
Award Barn Barbeque Grill Angel
Butterfly #2 Church Campfire Christmas Ornament #2
Cat Eiffel Tower Canoe with Paddle Christmas Ornament #4
Elephant House Hiker Christmas Ornament #6
Fish Lighthouse Marshmallow/Hotdog Christmas Tree
Ghost Log Cabin Picnic Basket Gingerbread Man
Hearts Pagoda Picnic Table Holly
Reindeer Schoolhouse Sign Reindeer
Shamrock Statue of Liberty Smokey Bear Santa
Star Teepee Tent  
Teddy Bear US Capitol    

Classroom/Library Set Detective/Mystery Set Dinosaurs/Reptiles Set Dogs/Birds Set
@ Symbol Badge #1 (cop) Brontosaurus Dachshund
Camera - NEW Badge #2 (sheriff) Parasaurolophus Husky
Computer Binoculars Pterodactyl Lab Retriever
Folder Detective Hat Stegosaurus Mutt
Globe Flashlight Tyrannosaurus Poodle
Library Symbol Magnifying Glass Alligator Scottie
Luggage - NEW Shoe Print Gecko Dove
Open Book Skull Iguana Eagle
State of WI Water (blood)Splash Lizard Flamingo
USA Map   Snake Parakeet

Double Length Dies Exotic Animals/Circus Set Farm Set Insects Set
City Skyline - Border Ape Barn #2 proportioned for: Ants
Doorknob Hanger Baby Elephant Farm Animals - Mini Bee
Highway - Border Elephant Cat 1 Beetle
Jigsaw Puzzle Giraffe Cow Butterfly
Mask (for eyes) Hippopotamus Goat Caterpillar
Mountain - Border Kangaroo Goose Dragonfly
  Lion Hen Firefly
  Tiger Horse Grasshopper
  Carousel Lamb Ladybug
  Carousel Horse Pig Mosquito
  Clown Rabbit Spider
  Clown Head Rooster Spider Web
  Smiley Face    

Medieval Set Miscellaneous / Dream Set North American Animals Set Outer Space Set
Badge Baby Bottle Bear Astronaut #1
Banner Baby Bib Buffalo Astronaut #2
Castle Bed - NEW Elk Flying Saucer
Castle #2 Clouds - NEW Moose Robot
Dragon Gift Tag #11 Raccoon Space Shuttle #1
Treasure Chest Gift Tag Circle Squirrel Space Shuttle #2
Wizard's Hat Moon - NEW Weasel  
  Mug Wolf  
  Picture Frame    
  Read - NEW    
  Two Tickets    

Paper Punches People Set Special Occasion/Music Set Sports Set
Apple Boy Award Badge 4"Circle/Ball
Butterfly Cowboy Award Ribbon Bat, Ball, Glove
Car Fireman Balloons Football
Cow Girl Birthday Cake Football Helmet
Dinosaur Man Candle Roller Skate
Heart Policeman Star Cheese Wedge
Hearts (Corner) Soldier Stars (4 tiny)  
Moon Toddler Piano  
Star Woman Saxaphone  
Teddy Bear   Violin  

Spring/Summer Train Cars Set Water & Air Transportation Set Winter Set
#1 Garden Trowel Box Car Airplane - 747 NEW Sleigh
#2 Garden Claw Caboose Airplane - Jet Fireplace
Birdhouse Locomotive Airplane - Standard Mitten
Bunny (Easter) Tank Car Helicopter Snowflake
Firecracker Zoo Car Hot-air Balloon Snowman
Cattails   Ocean Liner Snowmobile
Flower (generic)   Paddle Wheeler  
Heart   Rowboat  
Kite   Sailboat  
Palm Tree   Sailing Ship  
Pinwheel   Tugboat  
Watering Can      

Wheeled Transportation Set    
Bicycle Motorcycle    
Car - Sedan Race Car    
Car - Volkswagen School Bus    
Covered Wagon Stoplight    
Fire Truck Tow Truck    
Minivan Tractor    

Letters Set #1: Block Letters, 4" without serifs - A through M
Letters Set #2: Block Letters, 4" without serifs - N through Z
Letters Set #3: Circus Letters, 3" with serifs - A through M
Letters Set #4: Circus Letters, 3" with serifs - N through Z
Letters Set #5: Circus Letters, 5" with serifs - A through M
Letters Set #6: Circus Letters, 5" with serifs - N through Z
Numbers Set #1: Block Numbers, 4" without serif - includes the ", ?" die
Numbers Set #2: Circus Numbers, 3" with serifs - includes the ", ?" die
Numbers Set #3: Circus Numbers, 5" with serifs - includes the ", ?" die